Azfa Abdul Rahman, 26
"I Salute Durian Fruit Smell"

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Miejot , 24
"I Salute to our nation pride and history"

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Nina Noordin, 20, Subang Jaya
"I salute Malaysian drivers who have the courtesy to stop and give way."

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Khairil Yusof, 27
Sri Pentas TV3
"I salute Malaysia & My Friends!"

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Shukor Fuad 26, Al-Gharif 20
Sri Pentas TV3
"We salute Malaysia and Project Keirei!! Let us be United 4 Ever Bebeh!"

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Faith Sellonius
"I salute all the farmers that grown vegetables for us"

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Tan Qiu Rong 23, Ooi Shin, 22
"We Salute Sweet Sisterhood!"

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Ooi Shin , 22 , KL
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Qila & Diba (Kim) , 24 , Shah Alam
"I Salute Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
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Farzli & Sara
"We salute to smile!"

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Birthday party kids!
"We love birthdays so we salute to birthday parties!"

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"I salute the Amoi Salon because turning my hair into tragedy"

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Shahrul Ridzwan
"I salute Alexander Supertramp 1968-1992"

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Mr_hashed_potato , 24 , Nagoya Japan
"I Salute Friendship"
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Amin Azman,24,Shah Alam
"I salute Malaysian Film Industry!"

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Ahmad Syafiq

I salute the macho girl that I am lost without"
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Miya Wong & her ukm's friends
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Muadz, Amir, Tim, Yol & Aniq
"We salute Barney Stinson"

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Aida Guzel & Kiki
"We salute the Shahabs!"

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Diana Ludin, 21, Cyberjaya
"I salute My Mother, The Commander!"

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Mein Melon, 20, Motiofixo Cyberjaya
"I salute people who wears Doc Martens!"

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YunYi, Jibin, Alep, Alep's friend - 23, MMU
"We salute to Kawan-kawan"

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"PF37 salutes Project Keirei"

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Noh Salleh & Mizz Nina

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